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    This is just a text version of the SAS 4 Elite trainer.

    How to Use: Simply paste the code into a txt file and rename it to a CT file.

    The AoBs are also in the file, so you can just copy and paste it.

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  • 4thDimensionTraveler

    The original cheat engine wiki vanished on August of last year. (2016) 

    The download for the data has been available shortly after that, but finally the wiki completely disappeared, all data being lost forever.

    Today, I bring you the old data for the CE wiki.

    This contains all the data that ever was in the old CE wiki, allowing you to look back and add any pages this wiki lacks.!aEwAwKDA!a4pSzV3JllJj4ZWOmN0lIPSdeoreobhmx6bV997UhtM

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