Welcome to Chocolatier 2 Hacks! If you Couldn't find Something on Youtube! This is your link! Hacks Made by Amer Ezekiel, Enjoy! Hacks made more clear by Tiffany!

Unlimited Money (Double) (Truncated) Edit

  1. Type the money you have
  2. Click first Scan
  3. Buy a ingredient or Sell A chocolate
  4. Search the New money You have
  5. Click Next scan
  6. Change 2 Values to 100000000 And freeze
  7. Done

Ingredients Hack (Double) (Truncated) Edit

  1. Buy a ingredient (Cocoa Beans. Milk Solids. ETC)
  2. Search the ingredients you have
  3. Click First Scan
  4. Buy a Ingredient that matches the current ingredient you buy
  5. Search the Ingredients you have now.
  6. Click next Scan
  7. Repeat Until you Have only 1 Addresses
  8. Change the Values to 99999 And Freeze
  9. Done

Chocolates hack (4 Bytes) Edit

  1. Go to a Factory. Recommended putting the speedhack at 5000 to slow down the Factories
  2. Manfacture a chocolate
  3. Search the chocolates you have
  4. Click first scan
  5. Manfacture a chocolate that matches the Manfactured Chocolate
  6. Search the chocolates you have now
  7. Click next scan
  8. Repeat until you have only 1-2 addresses
  9. Change the value. Recommended putting at 2500 or lower