Welcome to the Bloons TD Battles hacking page! Sadly, the web version of the game seems to now be server sided so it is not possible to hack with Cheat Engine anymore.

Economy Hack (Double)Edit

When in the game go to cheat engine and search "250" (your starting economy) then send a bloon or buy a plus 1 economy, then search "251" (new economy)

If your not down to 1 selection keep on buying economy and searching new economy then you can change the economy to what ever you like.

Lives Hack (Double)Edit

When in game go to cheat engine and search "150" then let the bloons take down some of your health and search your new health amount.

Now you can change your health I recommend putting your health at "999999" or lower

Money Hack (Double)Edit

When in game look at how much money you have (normally start at 650) and type that then wait 6 seconds and type your new amount.

Now you can change the amount of money you have.

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